Happy Sexuality | Who am I

Who is writing this curious blog?

Eating sugar daddy in France (interesting pun…). 40-ish, mother of 2 feeling like my 2nd life is just starting, and I want it ALL.

Totally in love with the idea of being happyyy and successful in life, which definitely goes along with being happyyy and successful in my love & sex life and the uprising of my self.

Also, I am NOT a former porn star, a sex worker, a sexologist, or a shrink. Just a regular person, like you, who had a (boring) life with “the ex” for far too long and now feels like life is worth a lot more.

Why this blog ?

After a century of no-sex-at-all or miserable sex moments, I (re)discovered what it is like to have real amazing sex (thank you Mr. Smile!). Like, being desired and desire again. Like having new sensations. Like feeling unstoppable in all subjects of life after a moment of fusion loving.

I strongly believe that a happy sexuality will lead to a happy life, I want to find out more on the subject and share with as many as possible. Let’s be ambitious people, we deserve it!

Is this blog for you?

You are a woman or a man and:

  • You are frustrated because you do not have enough pleasure when you’re having sex,
  • You often feel bad in your body while making love and it prevents you from totaly enjoying it,
  • You want to know how to please your partner(s) even more,
  • You would like to experience new “things” but don’t know how to do that,
  • You do not find practical (#real) answers to your questions / needs.

Well, welcome to the Club, we have the same questions 😛, this blog is made for you !

In my posts, I’m going to bring you in my explorations and search for a very happy love and sex life. I will share and explain with a LOT of French humour and very factually (with a max. of illustrations and videos, because how the heck are we supposed to understand flat theory…):

  • How women and men’s body work
  • Techniques to stimulate every zone properly and increase pleasure
  • Advices to feel good and beautiful in every positions and every situations
  • Interviews and other stuff to discover and experience new things
  • Exercices, quiz, and fun !

I’m on, what do I do now?

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Bon voyage ! 😉