Yesterday I was speaking with Mr. Smile about how he loved providing me with anything (oooh anything…) that I desire and -of course- even if I played it cool on Skype, this turned me on, totaly on.

The point is: put your partner’s desire first and you will be the star!

Okkk, let’s medidate and illustrate with a song:

  • Ladies: enjoy! #yummy
  • Ladies: ask for it, you deserve it!
  • Gentlemen: read the lyrics below, memorise and whisper back next time you want to spend hours of great sex, trust me (as a woman, I sure know how it’ll work on your lady), no need to look like this guy, the words only will work more than you can even imagine!

Homework: Learn by heart and repeat over and over again!

Girl it’s only you
Have it your way
And if you want you can decide
And if you’ll have me
I can provide
Everything that you desire hmm
Let me get a feeling
The feeling that I’m feeling
Don’t you come closer to me baby hey
Then you already got me
Right where you want me baby
I I just want to be your man
How does it feel yeah?
How does it feel yeah?
How does it feel yeah?
How does it feel yeah?
I won’t stop (won’t stop) till you want
Silly little games you will be playing
And I feel right on
If you feel the same way baby
Let me know right on
Loving make you wet
In between your thighs, cause
I love when it comes suddenly boo
I get so excited when I’m around you, lovin’ you
Oh baby
How does it feel, yeah?
How does it feel, yeah?
How does it…